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From real estate law to civil litigation, our firm is located in Laredo, Webb County, TX, and our attorneys are licensed in the Texas State District Courts and in the courts of the Federal Southern and Western Districts of Texas. 

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Our Attorneys concentrate on the following practices: 

Real Estate Law

Our licensed attorneys have the knowledge you need when it comes to property taxes, deeds, zoning, estate planning, titles, and more! Let Valls & Marroquin LLP help you today! Get started with a phone call. 

Civil Litigation

The litigation lawyers at Valls & Marroquin LLP have extensive experience in complex civil litigation, arbitrations, trials in State and Federal courts, and mediations.

Construction Law 

Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing both owners and contractors in the negotiation of construction contracts and in the mediation of construction disputes. 

Renewable Energy Law 

The attorneys at Valls & Marroquin LLP have experience in representing landowners in negotiating wind leases and solar leases. 

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Today’s world is moving faster than ever, and with that, it’s vitally important to have a legal partner who understands it all so that your livelihood and business can move forward quickly and properly. Embracing technology, our legal team makes the effort to forecast the effect of economic, regulatory changes so that your company can be future-proofed. Combine your challenges with our expertise and knowledge at Valls & Marroquin LLP and look forward to a successful future today!

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